Support and training

Adopting a child is a wonderful life changing experience and we understand that sometimes you might need some guidance, advice or support. Our experienced and friendly team are available to help through our adoption support services such as:

  • support for parents

  • work with children

  • liaison with schools

  • regular free training and elearning

  • newsletters from the Adoption Service

  • advice and information about other agencies and community services

  • supporting contact with birth family members

  • contact with other adopters in the local area

  • social events including an annual family day, a Christmas party, a dad’s group and a mum’s group

  • intermediary services

  • access to records

  • therapeutic services

  • financial support following an assessment.

Who can ask for adoption support through Adoption Connects?

  • adoptive families who live in Central Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes

  • people and families who live in Central Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes where an adoption order was granted through another agency over three years ago

  • adopted children who are under the age of 18 years and live in Central Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes

  • adopted adults who live in Central Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes who want to access their birth record

  • people who have adopted from overseas and live in Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes

  • birth relatives who live in Central Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes

  • step parents who live in Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

How are adoption support requests assessed?

Your request is assessed by an adoption social worker. Many requests can be dealt with quickly and we can signpost you to a service who can help you and offer support and advice. Some assessments may be more complex and need a more detailed assessment with involvement of other professionals or agencies before we can look at the support you need.  

Once we’ve completed the assessment we will develop an adoption support plan for you and your child detailing the support that can be provided.

If you would like to talk further about accessing our adoption support services, get in touch:

Telephone: 0300 300 8090

“The training provided was extremely useful and we have felt supported by the team as a family.  Our adoption order has been granted but that’s not the end, we will continue to seek support and attend some of the training and events as it’s important that we have a good network of adoptive families as friends.  It helps our children understand that they are not the only ones with an adopted forever family, and we have made some great friendships along the way.”