Post adoption contact

If you are a parent of or are a close birth relative to a child who was adopted and are living in Central Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes, you may like the opportunity to discuss your feelings.  In some circumstances it may also be possible for us to trace your family members on your behalf in order to find out if they would like to have contact with you.

Who can ask for support?

If you are a birth parent, a sibling, grandparents or an aunt or uncle of a child was adopted you can request support. 

What kind of support is there?

Adoption Connects can support you with:

  • contact arrangements

  • adoption support needs assessments

  • intermediary services

  • access to counselling.

Can I request contact with an adopted child?

Most children will be placed for adoption with a plan for contact and birth relatives will be asked to sign a contact agreement stating the arrangements for contact.

If contact has not been taking place or you did not have a plan for contact, you can get in touch with the Agency or Local Authority who placed your child for adoption with a request of who you would like to contact. They will then look at the child’s adoption records and make contact with the adoptive parents if appropriate.

If for any reason contact is not made you have the option to send letters for your child to the Agency or Local Authority for them to keep on your child’s file. If your child decides to view their birth records after they reach 18 years of age, your letters will be included for them to read.