Children needing adoption

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The ages of children who need adoption can change so we very much welcome anyone thinking about adoption to give us a call to find out more.  Our team are experienced, friendly and approachable and are happy to talk through how we can help you to become an adoptive parent.     

Most children will have experienced loss in their lives as well as trauma of some kind.  Some may have suffered abuse or neglect which might affect their behaviour and development throughout their lives.  We are looking for people and families who can help children to feel safe and loved by providing a secure and nurturing home where they can flourish and grow.   

Currently the children who need adoptive parents are:

  • babies – through fostering to adopt placements.   Initially you would become a temporary foster carer for a baby or child where the plan is likely to be adoption pending court decisions

  • siblings – we strive to keep siblings together where possible

  • older children – over 5 years

  • children with additional emotional or health needs

  • children who need support to celebrate and support their past and heritage

Start your adoption journey today and get in touch

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