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Early permanence -  foster to adopt might be something you could offer a child


Foster to adopt is where you are a temporary foster carer for a baby or child where they are very likely to be adopted.  This means that we can place them with prospective adopters who are temporarily approved as foster carers as early as possible, where they can start to build attachments with carers who may become their adoptive parent/s. This type of placement is intended to place a child with a permanent family as soon as possible and minimise the disruption of moving to different families.   

This type of placement is not without risk as you will be expected to support contact with the birth parents and there is a chance that the child may be reunited with their birth family, so resilient carers are required.

Michael and Jamie adopted their second child through foster to adopt and they are now a family of four:

“We were approved as temporary foster carers and with our second little man, we had lots of health issues to overcome. We had the new challenge of being foster carers with all that brings, but with the support of the social workers we have got through what has been an intense few months of no less than ten hospital visits, four trips in an ambulance, a week in Great Ormond Street Hospital, multiple court processes, panel preparation and approvals, contact visits and many other appointments with different professionals. Not to mention a gorgeous 3 year old to look after who was going through potty training and dealing with all the emotions a toddler goes through, plus having a new brother in the house!

It has been a pleasure once again working with the team. A team who cares about the kids and us as foster parents/prospective adopters.

We now have a 6 month old gorgeous, smiley little chap who has overcome so much in that short time. We truly love him and are proud to have had our match approved now. Hopefully, very soon, we can legally call ourselves his parents.”

Inter-country adoption

Some people would like to adopt from another country, but this has strict protocols, both in this country and in any country that permits their children to be adopted by people from different countries. 

If you would like to find out more about inter-country adoption, visit The Centre for Adoption (IAC) website.

Step parent adoption

Step parent adoption is sometimes considered when an adult enters into a relationship with another adult and becomes a step parent to their partners child. A step parent can apply for an adoption order for a child they live with and wish to adopt. The step parent will need to meet a certain criterion and it’s important to consider that this can be a difficult decision for everyone involved. You can find out more about step parent adoption here. 

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