Who can adopt?

Almost anyone can apply to adopt, we welcome everyone who has an interest in adopting to give us a call on 0300 300 8090.  Our telephone enquiry service runs from 10am – 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and 10am - 4pm on Friday.  We provide an open, honest and non-judgemental service and want to give you as much information as possible.   

We are also happy to call you and you can request a call back by emailing enquiries@adoptionconnects.co.uk.  

To adopt you will need to be: 

  • over 21 years of age

  • ready to provide a loving and secure home

  • able to commit to meet the needs of a child

You don’t have to be a British Citizen to adopt, but we do ask that:

  • you (or your partner, if you are a couple) must have a fixed and permanent home in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

  • you (and your partner, if you are a couple) must have lived in the UK for at least 1 year before you apply

But let’s dispel some of the myths about who can and can’t adopt!  We welcome enquiries from:

  • people from all ethnic origins and religions

  • single people or couples (you don’t have to be married to adopt)

  • families with children of their own

  • people from the LGBT+ community

  • people with a disability

If you have a criminal record this will not automatically rule you out, we’ll just need to carefully look into this and discuss this with you. People who have a criminal conviction of any offence against children or who are known to have harmed children or anyone who lives in a household with a person aged 18 or over who has been convicted of an offence against children or cautioned (and admitted the offence) cannot adopt. 

Start your adoption journey today and get in touch

Telephone: 0300 300 8090
Email: enquiries@adoptionconnects.co.uk